Friday, September 12, 2008

Our Week

Is that all I am to you, Disney? A pair of bulbous thighs?

A rough and tumble week for us with the start of school, packing lunches, a late night at Disney on Ice that we are still recovering from, my Wednesday night through Thursday early morning insomnia, the girls making the babysitter cry the next day, then refusing to go to school and sleeping all afternoon, Mia feverish, beginning swim lessons at the YWCA today triumphantly, with lots of spontaneous submerging and smiles.

The Disney night was a treat for the girls because we swung by Daddy's work and made a family outing of it - rare for a weeknight. The girls were open-mouthed with awe much of the time - my favorite moments were the reworking of a Clay Aiken song while Violet showed off her skating superpowers ("If she was invisible...(dramatic whisper) Wait, she already is..." Tee hee hee!) And Syndrome's gun shooting fireballs onto the ice.

Don’t ask me about what the Incredibles have to do with Mickey and Minnie in prison - the writers were jumping through as many hoops as the skaters. (Violet: I thought Syndrome's cape was caught in the jet engine!? Mr. Incredible: This is a robot replica!) But this entertainment is not about plot; the entertainment here is pure spectacle, novel yet familiar enough to be comforting to the kids. Who don't give a damn about logic anyway. For them, simply the sight of Frozone racing around, or Cinderella appearing in her coach was enough to earn big cheers. Nora was bouncing in her seat to the Tiki-Tiki-Tiki-Tiki-Tiki Room song, making little happy grunting sounds.

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