Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Check Out What's New at Free Rice!

Update! Free Rice, one of the easiest and surely one of the most fun ways to help end world hunger, has added all sorts of new games to their site! Now you can quiz yourself on your mastery of French, art history, chemistry and other subjects while your time and attention makes a contribution to the UN World Food Program.

My friend Sal says:

Check out www.freerice.com.
Harvard & the World Food Program at the UN partnered up and bring you a site where you can learn/refresh your skills in math, art history, language learning, geography, chemistry & vocabulary.
Every right answer donates so many grains of rice to the WFP. It really piles up quickly!
If you miss an answer, the question keeps appearing (RANDOMLY) until you get it right. New neural pathway development programmed in.
And there are progressively difficult levels for each subject.
I am all about the art history currently.
I think you'll enjoy this and the reward is more useful than a stuffed animal made in China that you might win at the county fair.


suesun said...

2820 grains of rice....... donated because my husband and I stayed up way past our bedtime trying to identify paintings! Awesome.

2KoP said...

I've loved Free Rice for a long time, but possibly only because I'm good a word games. I'm afeared I won't be as accomplished at these other challenges, but I'll give them a try.