Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gooooood Stuff

The girls love school. In the 1985 film Sweet Dreams, Jessica Lange, playing Patsy Cline, arrives at her mother's house, tired and elated after an all night trist. "Momma, I feel so good!" squeals Lange, doing a happy stomp in her cowboy boots. That's me, with all this new free time. Time to pass these cool links your way. You're welcome!

Here is a brief and good review of Man on Wire, a documentary account of the French tightrope artist who achieved the impossible before the enemies of all art achieved the unthinkable.

Gourmet magazine gets political.

Made me laugh so hard. I haven't worn denim in about six years. Why put a fabric designed for coalmines next to southern skin?

Utterly bad cakes. A hoot.

Republicans delegate-contortionists try to avoid saying the words "choice" and "Bristol Palin" in the same sentence.

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