Sunday, September 7, 2008

They Got Christianated, Then We Took a Swim and Watched a Movie

My latest post on Chicago Moms Blog, about water and its miracles.

Today, before the back porch baptism, when Pastor Bob was placidly answering our little guests' questions, ("Why do we get sick?" "Why are dinosaurs extinct?") Mia was growing more and more agitated. She wanted to sit on Daddy's lap with Eleanor, she wanted a blanket against the wind, she wanted to swim right this very minute. I think she was growing frightened or confused. Randy tried reasoning to her in a quiet voice, explaining the ceremony in its simplest terms. When she covered her ears and cried, Randy took her and Eleanor inside to the security of our bed. I held the bowl of water while Bob anointed and blessed the Christian family. The little boy and girl beamed.

Their father, one of the nicest guys in the world, has been working on a feature length documentary for a couple of years. Mike asked Randy to cut it and today I got my first look at Ballhawks. The film profiles the guys who hang outside Wrigley Field, trying to catch stray balls that fly outside the park. What a great bunch of characters. The rough cut of the film was funny and exciting and moving and like all the best sports films, it's about so much more than a game. It's about patience, which apparently is catching, because now that I see the actual project that has lately taken up so much of husband's free time (little compared to Mike's work, which included shooting 300 hours of footage), I am delighted and restored. With a little bit of faith, coming soon to a theater near you.

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