Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Girls' Playdate Went Long So Randy and I Had Margaritas

The website Sexy People may be intended for snarky mocking, but every time I visit, I see another face that is almost someone I loved a long time ago. I ache with nostalgia. Earnest, trusting faces - it just slays me. This girl - I ran on the playground with her; this boy, I had a crush on him. I know these people. (Well, not this guy.) Here is the family who came over one Thanksgiving - the man said strange things that were supposed to be funny and the grownups laughed but I just ran out of the room to play with their kids in the basement.

My latest piece on Chicago Moms Blog, called "Clutter, An Appreciation (See Footnote 1)" has been picked up for syndication by McClatchy-Tribune! I'm thrilled, but a little apprehensive (Speck in the milk!) that if published, my clumsy joke about verbal clutter (Extended footnotes, ha ha ha! A cluttered post about clutter, get it?) will not survive editing.

MGMT will be guests this season on Yo Gabba Gabba!! If you missed them before, please click here and GET YOUR WILD ON MY FUZZY FANTASTIC SPACE CHILD!!!!!!!!!

Click here to be haunted. "Please Read the Letter," from Allison Krauss and Robert Plant's album Raising Sand, produced by T-Bone Burnett.

"Please read the letter, I wrote it in my sleep. With help and consultation from the angels of the deep."


suesun said...

oh, the teeth! The crooked front teeth of 9ish year olds.

suesun said...

Oh yeah, and your Chicago Moms Blog piece on clutter was brilliant!!!! Congrats on the syndication thing.

Cindy Fey said...

Thanks, Sue!!

Special Needs Mama said...

Congrats on the syndication! Looking forward to reading around here.