Monday, September 29, 2014

Easy-Peasy Lemon Squeezy! Meez Meals!


Oy vey, the bane of this Mom's existence.

I do love to cook. And bake! And even grocery shopping doesn't bother me, but under pressure? Every night?

Five o'clock rolls around, the kids are climbing into the cabinets for chips and pretzels. I'm feeling peckish and under the gun and wondering the old Laura Bennet question, "Didn't I feed you yesterday?"


And it's not going out, not takeout, not frozen. It's easy, fast, flexible, healthy DINNER!

Evanston based Meez Meals takes its name from the French cooking term mise en place, or "putting in place," which is the process of organizing, prepping and arranging ingredients before cooking.

The service delivers the fresh ingredients for all the gorgeous and healthy dinners I need every week. Brazilian Farro with Roasted Pineapple. Citrus Risotto with Sweet Potato and Fennel. Baked Shells with Cream Sauce stuffed with Mushrooms and Spinach. Rice Noodles with Thai Barbequed Vegetables. Easily adaptable for picky kid eaters and omnivores.

Meez designs the menu, chops, measures and prepares the fantastic sauces. I saute, broil, bake, steam, mix, put it all together and end up with something delicious in 30 minutes.

AND they do desserts.

AND side salads.

AND the commitment is low. On vacation for a couple of weeks? No problem. Need to change the number of dinners per week or the number of servings? No problem.

Last spring, when I had Variety Show practices every night, Meez seriously saved my life. Seriously.

HERE'S A SPECIAL DEAL! New members get $20 off their first order by using the code TRY20. You're welcome!