Sunday, September 28, 2008

Matthew Weiner's Mad Men Is The New Sopranos

A charismatic, secretive lead character, highly skilled in leadership and creative problem solving with a complicated family history that continues to give him pain. Has an older daughter and a troubled relationship with his son. A chronic philanderer who works sporadically to maintain the trust of his faithful wife, but fails her continuously.

The wife is admired in their social circles and comfortable with the material wealth and status afforded by her husband's success. However she cycles through loneliness at his neglect, forgiveness, admiration and angry betrayal.
The protagonist has a special relationship to a young woman with whom he is not romantically involved. This young woman retains an endearing innocence despite her role in an amoral business.

Plot attention given to the poor judgment of young Catholic priests and the deference paid them by their adoring congregations.

A supporting cast of riotous bumblers who reveal the occasional heart-breaker of a back story themselves.

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