Sunday, November 2, 2008


Stands for National Blog Posting Month, although I prefer the abbr. NaNoBloPoMo which sounds like a porno title involving Mork and the post-modern arts scene...

Or as Brenty used to say, No Mo Faux Po Mo in So Ho, Mo Fo!

In a fit of Almond Joy fueled sugar frenzy and at the cusp of the two hours between the girls' bedtime and mine, when the air feels full of possibility, I signed up for writing a post every day this month. "Signed up" doesn't mean jack shit, except in my own mind, but I'm hoping this can loosen me up a little since I have plenty of half written posts that don't get put here cause there's an essential linking ideas just out of my grasp.

I hoping this is good for the book too and if the news of the girls and the house reno and the changing leaves is not enough, I can write updates on the slow slow progress of the pages I can't wait to finally turn over to an agent's eyes.

Wish me luck and I wish you the same. As always, thanks for reading. Much love.


Special Needs Mama said...

Yay, good luck Cindy!

Janet Hale Tabin said...

WOW Cindy -- every day. I'm impressed.

BTW, NaBloPoMo reminds me of an late 60s joke understood best by aspiring architects. The punch line was WeissMiesVanderRoheHoeShow.

suesun said...

Great! I'll "sign up" to read every day, so maybe that will give you some added motivation!

2KoP said...

Have you an agent? Are you nearly done? I have but a single chapter of my children's book left to go before the agent quest. Good luck to us both. I, at least, can procrastinate by reading your daily posts!