Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Day 5 - Election Elation

Snapshots from Chicago.Our artist friend Mike has the world's coolest job creating one of a kind environments for museums and the like. I'll tell his story about putting helmets on the Art Institute lions TWICE when the Bears were in the Super Bowl another time. And they set once-in-a-lifetime kind of events, events where you are so enthralled and moved by the actors making history on the stage that you don't even realize a big part of your emotion happens thanks to the grandeur and drama of the setting. Thanks, Mike. Obama made poetry last night and you helped make it happen.

Randy took a break from the grueling schedule of his latest stevia sweetener commercial to walk down to the Grant Park party.

Here's his take:

I got within two feet of him. Well, at least the t.v.
I'm back at work now, but I had to go to the park.
It was an amazing scene. A combination New Years Eve, a Bulls win, & the excitement of being a child on Christmas.
I not only drank the Kool-aid, I chugged it, spilled it on my shirt, slipped on it, then licked it off the ground.
When I realized I wouldn't make it into the staging area, I wandered over to the Hilton, where after experiencing the most depressing party ever, the Illinois Young Republicans celebration, i found a local dive to watch the speech at.
The owner was kicking out a reporter with an exchange of "It's a historic night", followed by a "Fuck you, leave us alone," when I slipped in before he locked the bar's door.
I hadn't allowed myself to think that America could make the right choice, until now.
It truly is a "new day in America."

Jordan was there, and so was Alma. Great reading for those of us who cheered and wept from the couch.

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