Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Day 18 - Don't Trust the Man

who waits for you to finish the essay-like blob of writing you've been trying to figure out for weeks and only at the last minute with a few hours before the deadline finally figure out needs to be approached from the very opposite angle to the one you've been knocking your head against.

Because he took your casual comment after getting all fired up over Justin and Beyonce on an SNL writing break to serious heart and you are delighted he did but he neglects to tell you about the 6:00 am alarm for his 7 something meeting and how he likes to hit the snooze repeatedly.

And you find out at noon after you finally finish your long argument about black and white and hoping someday to be able to tell the kids, "that's a way that people used to categorize each other. We don't think that way anymore. People are much more complicated," that Diversity Day will not be Tuesday after all.

But no regrets, no worries. Because everything in a world that makes possible my two cuties all bundled up in their ski hats and new gloves so warm and pink-cheeked that I can't stop looking at them is okay by me.

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2KoP said...

You need to procrastinate more, like me. I'm still cooking up my diversity post.