Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Day 12 - Questions

1. Why is it so hard to find a restaurant salad without chicken or cheese or candied nuts?

2. How does the golden rule work for masochists?

3. Why do some moisturizers sting? I know, I know, it's the alpha-hydroxy acids or whatever are supposed to strip off the layer of dead skin under which hides the glowing, younger you, but why still call it moisturizer? It's acid. It takes your skin off.

4. Why is anyone still making bubble bath that gives girls urinary tract infections?

5. What's with Paul Newman and all his wounded women costars? Since Newman's death last month, I've been thinking about some of his best roles and noticed a common theme. Piper Laurie's doomed lame alcoholic in The Hustler shares a few moments of happiness with Newman's Fast Eddie before self-destructing. The Verdict's Lindsay Crouse cries piteously on the stand in her Irish brogue, "I just wanted to be a nurse..." Newman's wife Joanne Woodward is the stifled and frustrated Mrs. to his uptight Mr. Bridge - you can see her heart break wide open here. Hud has housekeeper divorcee Patricia Neal.

Was it that Newman chose roles of such complexity and depth that they required equally interesting women foils and partners? Did his natural sensitivity, that could not be hidden even in roles of apparent clods like Hud, bring out the vulnerability in the opposite sex? Or is it a sign of his generosity that the actor chose projects that offered the opportunity for his costars to create amazing performances?

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2KoP said...

I like candied nuts in my salad (as does my little guy) along with all the good, healthy stuff. The bubble bath must all be invented by men. Don't know a thing about moisturizer, sorry. Why were Newman's women so messed up? You got me there, but I would watch him in anything — except The Hudsucker Proxy. So beautiful, and smart, and sexy, and funny. He had a great smile and an even better smirk.