Thursday, November 6, 2008

From Monica Bou-Bou

Monica/Julie sez: Check out my baby unicorn, carved from mammoth ivory, perched on a cloisonne strawberry.

Bobby sez:

Please join me & Julie in welcoming our friend and master jeweler Jonathan Johnson to Chicago for his first exhibition in USA. He is a remarkable artist we've met while touring Germany; he made pendant necklaces for our entire band based on his interpretation of our music, and made the unicorn pendant you see attached for Julie. He has an (obviously) eclectic and far ranging taste in music and is making a series of pieces for musicians he appreciates. He also designs jewelry for his own clients as well as for the German fashion house Herr Von Eden. Even if you are not interested in jewelry, please come check out this show; they are actually small beautiful wearable sculptures, impeccably made and with a sly sense of humor. I hope to see you there!


Bobby Conn
Opening 6:00 PM Reversible Eye Gallery, 1103 North California Ave / dance party to follow with DJ Logan Bay, DJ Jonathan Johnson & DJ Bobby Conn

Of course, knowing Bobby and Julie, this may be an elaborate joke. Mammoth ivory? Or it may not.

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Julie P. said...

No, not a joke or hoax. Our friend really is a master jeweler from Germany. And my baby unicorn really is made from mammoth ivory. I'll have to show it to you. It is an amazing little wearable sculpture. I wish you could have come to see his show. See you for Thanksgiving!