Friday, October 18, 2013

Frenzy Baking, Year 4

You know me, you know I'm a pie girl. Cakes just ain't my thing. But fall carnival season rolls around again and you know, it's for the kids. So. Pull out Joy of Cooking, wash yo hands! and make another Blitz Torte (that's "Lightning Cake" for how quick you can throw it together) with Chocolate Satin icing. What do you think? I think it's too tiny to entice a cake walk winner but whoever walks away with my little darling will love that first bite.

 Adorably homemade or a craptastic hot mess? Needs more candy.

This was my first try. I used the high rounded pan that we got from Miette in the Ferry Building in San Fran last summer, thinking a four by four inch pan would bake as fast as in a 8" by 2" pan. Nope. Molten disaster. I rebaked this, threw on the extra icing from Round Two above and Mia ate it for breakfast.

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