Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Update

1. Pumpkin guts stink.

 2. At the gym this morning, the little park district pre-schoolers in their costumes paraded in and the whole place, all the treadmillers and weighlifters and slow-biking-People-readers (that's me) burst into applause. Too sweet for words, but I really teared up when I saw the boy wearing our elf costume. I bought that little red and green outfit with real jingle bells on the felt shoes and hat for Christmas 2006 but it failed to make the holiday card that year (see above for one of the sad outtakes - has there ever been a poutier pic?) The girls had both long outgrown it and Nora put it on one last time in December last year for fun but I couldn't part with it until this September at our school Halloween costume exchange.

The piles of cute donated costumes on tables on the playground after school were a huge hit with parents and kids, somebody even donated a gray shark outfit, but in the whirlwind of grabbing and trying on, I didn't get a chance to see who took the elf. Now I know Elfie has a new home and a new life and it does my heart good.

3. FYI to my friends and colleagues: I will not be "participating" in "Daylight Savings" this year. Just expect me an hour late or an hour early or whatever the heck it is because I can't I can't I can't handle both the cold AND the dark this time around. The cruel farce that ANYONE benefits from taking away our afternoons feels sadistic today. I'll see you in the spring. If you want me after this weekend, I'll be huddled under a blanket, staring at my full spectrum therapy lamp.

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