Monday, June 4, 2012

Made My Day

I was taking the girls to Mia's piano lesson. The traffic on Crawford Avenue in Skokie is always thick in the afternoon. We were stopped at a light and I 'm stuck staring at the "Fire Obama" bumper stickers on the back of the conversion van in front of me.

Not even the name of an opponent.

A car pulls up next me and rolls down its passenger side window. I keep staring straight ahead; I'm in that bad of a mood.

I hear the soft voice, "I like your bumper stickers."

I spin in my seat to look at the driver next to me. She gives me a big smile.

I give my new friend a big double thumbs up and yell, "FIRED UP! READY TO GO!"

She laughs and waves and drives on. I'm still chanting and the girls chime in with Mia's addition, "Shoot the cannon! Here we go!" Perhaps not precisely what the campaign needs, but a moment in the spirit.

"2012" says our sticker on the left, "Obama Biden" says the one on the right.

The ebullience of 2008 was a special thing, for a once in a lifetime event. We'll recall it when our first woman president is elected. For now, the fire still burns and we do what we can to keep hope alive.

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