Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Relief

When I spotted a neighbor friend's Facebook post that One Direction were mobbing Old Orchard, my first thought was probably the last thought of the hundreds of girls in our township surely rushing toward the mall: they had to show up during road construction, didn't they?

I was describing their ridiculous hair to Randy (I mean, come on! The hair is just stupid!) when the girls came in the room and Mia asked what I was talking about. I pulled up the "One Thing" video and left them giggling at the boys doing the Monkees walk in fast motion and bouncing Hippity-Hopper balls down a hill.

"I think I just activated their hormones," I whispered to Randy as we watched from the couch. I half expected Mia's hips to pop out before our eyes or Nora to call out, "I feel funny down in my tummy," but after twenty seconds or so, Mia said to her sister, "Let's go play" and they ran back to the SpongeBob Lego set in the bedroom.

Whew. A few more moments of innocence.

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