Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Ballhawks Movie Release is April 20!

Ballhawks Trailer 2012 from Mike Diedrich on Vimeo.

Here's the new trailer Dear Husband cut for Ballhawks, a nine year labor of love from director Mike Diedrich. Just watch. You'll get chills. It's a film about heart and patience and faith and enduring love. It's funny and moving and thrilling. If you're a Cubs fan, you'll love it. And here's the thing -- if you're not a fan, you still get a kick out of the motley crew of unforgettable characters who wait outside Wrigley Field for the stray fly balls that come over the wall. There's insightful and hilarious commentary by other Chicago favorites, too: Bill Murray, NBC features correspondent Mike Leonard and the legendary Ron Santo.

Now for those of you who missed the showings at the Gene Siskel Center last year, here's the release you've been waiting for! Ballhawks comes out on Youtube on April 20. Yes, Youtube has movies. (Who knew?) Check it out this Friday! And tell your favorite Cubs fans -- they'll thank you.

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