Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Too Much?

Trying to fill the first day with no preschool to fill our afternoon hours, without the safety net of calm professionals whisking away my oldest for educational activities:

-Babysitting at the park district while Mom showers
-Starbucks drive through
-Swing by Kim Moldofsky's to pick up a picnic table
-Drive to Millennium Park, park
-Buy hotdogs for the girls, chips for me, lemonade and water
-Watch Shanghai Circus gymnasts
-Run around the Bean
-Run around and get wet in the Giant Face Video water art installation
-Eat ice cream (Momma gets a mushroom sandwich), change into dry jeans and jackets
-Walk to State Street
-Buy dry shorts at TJ Maxx
-Walk to the Art Institute
-Read new TJ Maxx book in the lovely shady park adjacent to the museum, eat more chips
-Spend an hour in the Art Institute kids' library
-Cross the street for s'mores at Cosi
-Trudge up the hill towards the the parking garage, but...
-Walk through the Lurie garden, smelling the sweet air, splash in the manmade stream
-Miraculously find the car in the cavernous parking garage
-Drop the girls off at Daddy's work
-Mommy recovers by reading an entire US Magazine, then House Beautiful over a spinach salad at Fox and Obel, justified by a needed purchase of Murphy's Oil Soap
-Home at 8:20 pm
The girls doing some gymnastics of their own with the Chinese contortionists in the background.


Kim Moldofsky said...

What a busy day! Enjoy the table!

Cate said...

Wow - sounds like a jam-packed day!