Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Solstice!

I have a new post up at Chicago Moms Blog about wanting to run and needing to walk because Nora's little legs are tired and Mommy, carry meeeeee!!

We're at Fox Lake this week. Rain turns the lake into a skittering field of static. We've picked strawberries, driven to Lake Geneva twice, read at two libraries, toured the petting zoo (this year no lemur jumped on Nora's head but the macaw tricks were the same-o, same-o - they live 90 years!), had a great dinner (licorice ice cream!) at a grown-up restaurant we had to leave on our anniversary three years ago because Mia was exhausted and unhappy, swam, hung out with beloved out of town guests and endured the stink of dead fish washed up by the flood. I'm tard.

Blue crane and dead fish in the swamp that is our backyard.


mj tam aka sugarmama said...

Oh boy, I'm tired already from just reading what kept you busy this week. hehe...

And wow, that grown-up restaurant is a beautiful place!

Julia Buckley said...

I still have memories (not so fond) of having to leave pretty much every restaurant we went into with our second baby. He objected to most everything. :)

So it's nice to graduate to staying longer, isn't it?