Thursday, June 26, 2008

This is what you could read if I was on Twitter:

My eyes are dilated and that and the skim misto I've been sipping is opening up my brain.

When I was in graduate school, still heartbroke and months away from anything remotely close to a date, let alone a roll in the hay, I had an appointment with the eye doctor. I was sitting in the padded chair, my head cradled by the backrest, when she came in the room, turned off the lights, walked toward me and took my face in her hands. I nearly burst into tears, I had been so long without a touch.

I'd really really love to write 50 things I love about myself but when I get past two or three, I feel like such a braggart and start hating myself a little.

I love my body, but this summer my clothes do not. But goddammit I enjoyed every last bit of every sweet scone, chunk of chocolate and crumbly Smartie, goddammit. Wait, except for the Dairy Queen Mocha Moolatte I downed with the Tallahasee kids that made my belly feel balloony and tender. "You're not lactose-intolerant," said Randy. "You're crap-tose intolerant." Yep.

Randy calls them Hootie Dave Traveler; I don't know the difference between Weezer, Radiohead and Wilco. Speaking of, Hootie (the guy, not the group) (yeah, I know that's not his name) is releasing a country album. Hello, Charlie Rich! A perfect genre for his voice.

More teenage fun and conversation from the KC nieces - that's my brother's girls, who have visited Chicago almost every summer since the airline would take them as unaccompanied minors - Chloe taught me Jesse McCartney co-wrote "Bleeding Love" and I know who he is because he was the voice of one of the chipmunks from the movie Mia and Nora love to put in the DVD, then wander away from.

In the last month or so I've lost, re-ordered and found on separate occasions my debit card, my credit card, and Mia's park district ID. Now I've lost the beach passes.

This blog-friend says she's Superman and I believe her. I am the Incredible Hulk. Reluctant rages, hidden strength... and green! My quiz results weren't surprising and I even found them a little hopeful - the Hulk is a good guy, is he not?

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Jordan said...

Phew, great update there, Hulk. What a crazy life we all lead! I can identify with the lost items, although I am not currently in one of those phases for once. Oh, and the ill-fitting clothes, too. Sigh.

- Superman