Thursday, August 6, 2009

SYTYCD - My Favorite Routines and The One That You Need To See

The finale of So You Think You Can Dance airs tonight and I have loved this, my first, season. I've already gushed about Randi and Evan's derriere dance and Kupono and (gone too soon!) Ashley's crash test dummy routine, but here are a few more that I really enjoyed:

Melissa and Ade's first dance together, a lyrical contemporary piece - I can't forget their joyful run across the stage.

Karla and Jonathan, to "Falling Slowly," another romantic contemporary piece. When Karla was eliminated, host Cat Deeley asked her what she would remember from the competition and in tears, she said this dance.

Sorry, this is the third pretty and romantic piece in blue tones: Jason and Jeanine's "If It Kills Me," choreographed by Travis Wall, a former contestant.

Here is probably my favorite of the entire season: Janette and Brandon's jazz piece to Roisin Murphy's staccato and stuttery "Ruby Blue." Absolutely infectious. My six year old says "I only like the dances that tell a story" and her favorite is "the one with the thieves stealing the diamond."

The group dances usually drove me crazy because the director shot so close and cut so quick, that you lost the sense of the whole spectacle and missed a great deal of the dance. A sad example: The Mia Michaels choreographed "One." Gorgeous dance; you can barely see it.

Kupono and Kayla's addiction piece. Anyone who had experienced the ravages of addiction herself or through family or a friend feels this piece. Deeply.

And of course, most importantly, Melissa and Ade's breast cancer dance. That it was incredibly moving barely describes the emotional resonance of this piece. I sat on the couch, watching, sobbing and grabbing myself for a self-exam. A day or so after the airing, I scheduled a long overdue mammogram; I had the procedure today. All clear. I have a feeling I'm not the only woman inspired by this piece to take care of herself. I hope many more women will feel healed by its power.

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