Sunday, August 9, 2009

Where I Find Roisin Murphy

Here's "Overpowered," just in case you heard the ferocious first bars of "Ruby Blue" during Brandon and Jeannette's jewel thieves jazz routine on that dance show I can't stop talking about and you thought "What was THAT?" and looked up the name "Roisin Murphy" on Youtube and found another incredible dance routine to her music by the same choreographer and those primal beats woke up some distant longing and sent you searching on, until you actually saw the singer and realized Lady Gaga had an inspiration and Grace Jones a disciple and the world, not just the dance world, but your little corner, is so much better for it and for that you are so very grateful.

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Lady Hannemaniac said...

Love it all as someone who can't stop talking about the same dance show. And might just be watching old episodes on dvr.