Thursday, June 25, 2009

Initiated by Muscle, Then Boney Movement

Did you watch Randi and Evan dance last night on SYTYCD? Jaw-dropping.

Randy (my Randy, not the versatile little powerhouse on display here) says, "I have a new show to hate!" but he was really talking about cheesy production values. I'll forgive him his "Mummenschanz!" dismissal of the beautiful crash test dummies number from two weeks ago. The "dance-off" portion on results night is truly silly (low-scorers flail around and do as many splits as they can while the audience counts down until a deep voice intones, "So You Think You Can Dance?"), but the "Koop Island Blues" number last night was haunting, special, beyond the level of your typical reality show talent contest. Can you call 90 seconds of butt worship a work of art?

1 comment:

Heather said...

yes you can call it a work of art because Mia is some kind of coreography genius.

i loved this piece! and they danced it really well.