Thursday, June 11, 2009

Storm Large Sings Dramarama

Last weekend my friend Kristen laid down the guantlet when she said she liked the new music I post here. Thanks, Kristen, but really? Now I'm tempted to show MGMT's new video. I'm mad mad mad about the band and "KIds" raises interesting questions about sacrificing children on the alter of art, but I can't bear seeing how they make a child cry. Reminds me of the Stephen King story, "Morality" in the new Esquire.

So instead, here's a flashback to the summer of 2006 when Randy and I were following Rockstar Supernova, another reality singing competition, but this time with the talentless culled out and a judges panel that featured two of business's biggest tools, Tommy Lee and Dave Navarro.

Below is the stunning performance of Storm Large (yes, that's her real name) singing Dramarama's "Anything, Anything." I love how she belts it, love how the song captures the restlessness we feel even with those we love most.

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