Saturday, May 11, 2013

But It Looked So Good In My Mind

Storm Large is my idol. (Or one! One! of my idols! Please don't feel usurped DollyJoniRickyLeePattySmith!) And this video has the feel of how great I feel on a good karaoke night, like a couple of weeks ago at The Rock House when our mom group and the employees were the last ones in the house at 9:30 and "House of the Rising Sun" just rolled out of throat like pouring honey.

The fun was only made better by Karen Holmberg's hilarious story of her middle school dance troop making up an original routine to the Animals' original.

"You didn't know it was about a brothel?" I asked, laughing.

"We wore matching t-shirts with suns on them."

Imagination and optimism are powerful things. I've seen and heard the video evidence to the contrary, but my songs always look so good in my head that I can't stop trying.

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