Thursday, October 18, 2012

We Call Him The Little Prince

Hello! Are you my forever family? I am your new poop machine! 

His white face markings are what sold me. Spiky white eyebrows, like J.R. Ewing's, that we like to call his crown. Surprisingly soft fur. So sweet a demeanor that it's easy to forget he's a wild animal. Once you pick him up, he stops scurrying and relaxes in your lap, often making sweet squeaks or purrs that melt our hearts.

His job is the stress reliever of the family. Nora came home sad yesterday because some Northwestern fans at school had teased her for her Nebraska cheerleader outfit (shows you how clueless I am about football - the possibility of riling up hometown fans never occurred to me) and a few minutes with Princey on her chest, she was all better. By bedtime she was a mess again after Sister spilled fluoride rinse all over the front of her red and white uniform so I sent to her take a bath, showed her 23 Easy Ways to Instantly Make Your Day Better and gave her the guinea pig to hold. L'il Prince saved the day. (And the little bruiser went to school today wearing red again. "Only if you smile," I told her, followed by a primer on "Don't dish it out if you can't take it.")

We're making plans for a photo shoot with a paper-mache planet complete with volcanoes and rose. Mia has already cut him out a felt vest and posed him riding an American Girl scooter. I've got to admit I'm looking forward to shopping at my friend's Lincolnwood pet shop, The Animal Store, for little accessories and goodies and supplies for the little guy.

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