Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Funny Valentines

Here's my funny family, on their way to the Daddy Daughter Dance in schmancy Kenilworth a while back. It was a Cinderella evening, from the last minute decision to go, to the questionable footwear. And we even had broken glass by the end of the night - Nora thought her favorite monkey snow globe would enjoy the party -- it's hidden in the pink sequin purse over her shoulder -- and you can guess where that went.

The school benefit was last weekend and the sweet babysitter canceled on us, again, to my irritation and Randy's great relief. (He is willing to make his daughters' dreams come true by squiring them to a crowded room of strangers; for parents-only functions, my hard working hubby would prefer to take a pass and pass the remote.) So I dressed up and went with some friends down the block and danced until I sweat and even ran up to the extra mike during the dad band's second set (Pop Rocks rocks!) and wailed backup on a Talking Heads via "Take Me to the River" and CSNY's "Love the One You're With."

(Did you know the lyrics are "There's a rose in a fisted glove"? I always thought it was something about a road, something something, love...)

Anyway! In the silent auction I won a gift basket that included the head massager that Nora is sporting in this pic. You'd be suprise how good those little prongs feel when you bounce them around on your scalp! And it makes a fetching space-princess crown, too, doesn't it, when paired with my scarf turned velvet cape?

There were more stories and more pictures, but my "Add Image" button has suddenly gone on the fritz. Happy Valentine's Day! Much love to you, dear readers, and warmest wishes for hugs, chocolate and sweetness. Mwah!

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Susan Bearman said...

And a sweet Valentine to you, too.