Sunday, February 26, 2012


I've got everything that I need. Right in front of me.

(Except for an explanation why "Life's A Happy Song" was not nominated for an Oscar this year. And why are there only TWO song nominees? Stop messing with the rules, people!)

Anyboo. I do have everything I need. The girls and Randy are wonderful; we're all healthy; the calendar is full of promise and every day is a gift. But that doesn't mean a little sumpin-sumpin isn't appreciated for the lift it gives on an otherwise gray February day.

Like this, a Valentine's present from dear Randy. A Nest thermostat.

I love it. The Nest doesn't need to be programmed beyond the minimum and maximum temps we want when we are out of the house. After that, we just turn the dial that looks like a camera lens to fix the heat as we like. The Nest is supposed to learn our preferences and start making the adjustments for us. And to conserve energy by turning low when no one is around. Fingers crossed. I don't know how smart it actually is, but it does look pretty cool on the wall. Thanks, honey!

If, unlike me, you find the Nest less than romantic, check out this mug that Randy found, with one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite books that was made into one of favorite mini-series. Do you know that line?

And these Valentine flowers. Not for me - I got red roses - but a cup of posies for each of our daughters from my thoughtful husband. Makes my heart melt, the way he loves those little girls.

And this! From dear cousin Sally and her Erik, a mushroom-growing kit. I won't candy-coat it, when the little shrooms started bulging out of their growth medium after a few days of faithful misting, I was working overtime to fight the gag reflex. But as they blossomed into maturity, the oyster mushrooms fascinated my girls (cunning Sally's ulterior plan, maniacal laugh, maniacal laugh) and were delicious sauteed with peas! Yum!! Thanks, Sal and Erik!

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