Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tim Gunn, May I Have a Style Consultation Please?

I'm going downtown next weekend for the BlogHer conference and one of the fun extraneous activities in the works is a chance to meet the ever-supportive and savvy Tim Gunn, of the great Project Runway, one of my all-time favorite shows. So to win a conversation with Mr Gunn, I am swallowing my pride and temporarily setting aside my other self who doesn't really give a rat's what others think about her appearance, who 360 days out of the year just reaches for what's most comfortable, to answer the question, "What are you wearing to BlogHer?"

Wrap dress from my favorite little Evanston boutique, Marie Parie, where the owner most often stocks hand-sewn arty pieces. One of kind, but affordable. You'll have to picture this with shoes, makeup, bling and dry hair.

Bodice detail of orange dress above. You can see the fabric is some kind of crazy open weave of orange and khaki threads over a solid nude-colored knit. I love the net trim. Super comfy too.

Here I am, trying to model my "business" card distributing skilz (the card's actually from Randy's dentist - my real ones arrive from Zazzle this week) while my little subject matters won't let up with the poking and the giggling and the looking up my skirting.

Back waist detail of LBD pictured above. I was trying to show the interesting crisscross waist straps in the back of the dress, but all I can see in this photo is the desperate need for AN IRON, STAT!

Like the merry glass of Chardonnay I'm faking with iced tea? I am so damn proud of finding this dress on sale for $8.97! Target! I think it was marked down because the fringe on the belt (that also looks cute worn as a scarf) had tangled up in one of the tiny belt loops and was pulling the dress all out of shape when I first tried it on. Once I figured out the scarf/belt, I began loving this thing. Soft as jammies. Very forgiving in front, but a bit of a booty party in the back! Which shoes, do you think? Red (right) or shiny patent black (left)? You're thinking the black, aren't you?

Bling detail of dress above with additional cleavage accessory provided by Dear Husband who wouldn't stop clicking pictures as I marched up to retrieve my camera.


Anonymous said...

I love those dresses and I look forward to meeting you there.

(Also, for what it's worth I'd go with the red shoes).

2KoP said...

I like the red shoes, as well, but perhaps not with the beautiful turquoise bling. Hell, what do I know. I'm wearing the one and only thing in my closet that fits. With flats. It's a good thing I'm only going to a couple of parties, or else I'd have to sew some pillow cases together.

Don't we love target?

selfmademom said...

wow- that grey dress is amazing!! what a steal. I'm sure Tim won't pick a preggo lady, so I'm in the clear of still looking like a shlep for the event. Look forward to meeting you!

Shannon said...

I like the red shoes.