Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cool New Finds

Justin Key is a writer who twitters super short stories. Or they may be mere story ideas, but they are fun to read.

Here at The Second Pass is permission to skip reading a few classics that you've had on your to-do list. And the rationale not to feel guilty.

The riotous art of David Fullarton.

Director Spike Jonze (Adaptation, the upcoming Where the Wild Things Are) has a website, We Love You So, celebrating his influences.

Here and here are compilations of film clips of scenes using poetry. For someone who loves both art forms, this is a great pleasure. But with my second sight of a piece from The Sweet Hereafter, I am hereby retiring that film from my list of all-time favorites. I saw this film once, before I had children, when I had a callow eye that looked at a scene of a couple grieving their only child and could think, "how powerful, how moving." Now I think, "how impossible."

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