Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Artwork By My Firstborn Who Is Six and A Half Today

A date.


Spaceman. The sun is at the lower right. I suspect his eyes are red because he is looking at the glory of Mars.

Robin detail.


Leightongirl said...

Those are awesome. Colored pencils? He's got a lot of talent.

2KoP said...

Happy half-birthday to a true artist. The spaceman should be framed.

BananaBlueberry said...

these are GREAT,

My 5 year old needs to step up :)

The Hen said...

Love this -- particularly the robin you are using as your twitter background. Beautiful. Our yard is full of robins this year -- fat ones. We are enjoying them.

Blog Administrator said...


Your academic-intelligent side is just as awesome as your irreverent motherhood! Keep up the good work.

Ronald J. Fey, Jr.

Blog Administrator said...


Hi! Hope things area going well in Chicago!

Love, Ronald