Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Idol Picks - Top 36, Group 3

A mild show last night that left the impression of two or three adults blowing away the remaining crowd of pretty children. Lil Rounds, of course, must advance. Confidence, poise, pipes, graciousness. "Thank you so much! Opportunity of a lifetime," the mother of four gushed, putting the evening in perspective.

Why oh why did the producers lower the applicant age to 16 a couple of years ago? The high school kids are way out of their league against mom Felicia Barton, who sang Alicia Keys' "No One" really well.

My other pick is obviously Scott Macintyre, whose compellingly heroic story can distract us from his pretty good voice. We all know half the battle is in your head and when good-natured and sight-impaired Scotty gets behind his familiar piano, he might get into a groove that helps us forget his disability and hear his music.

But the real story for me tonight is about numbers.

In both of the last two weeks, the third place contestant was male, leaving us with the possibility that tonight could follow the same pattern (Is the idea of Ju'not Joyner or Jorge Nunez advancing any less surprising than Kris Allen's dark horse win last week? Even Allen looked shocked.) In that case, the Wild Card Round would be all women! Boo hoo, no second chance for my Anoop or Matt Girard! No chance of a surprise appearance by Danny Gokey's friend Jamar Rogers!

But let's think positive and give tonight to Lil, Felicia and Scott so I can make my co-ed dream list of call-backs to the Wild Card Round:

Anoop, who is the only non-advancer I want to see from Group 1. (Judges, producers, please, don't feel you need to select an equal number from each group!)
Matt Girard who will probably sing "Georgia on My Mind" but I half hope he doesn't.
Jesse Langsmith of the red hair and "Bette David Eyes."
Mishavonna Henson and Jasmine Murray, even though at 18 and 16 respectively, they are polished, but lacking the depth of the singing young parents we've seen. Hmm... maybe this topic is worth a Chicago Moms Blog post....
Megan Joy Corkrey, of the clear skin and "Girl, Put Your Records On."
maybe Taylor Vaifanua, if she promises to sing a different song than last night.

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