Sunday, March 1, 2009

Eric Peterson 1965-2009

Randy figures he met Eric when they were about six. Probably at the Lincoln, Nebraska Presbyterian church where Randy's dad was minister and where both he and Eric would be acolytes, wearing long robes, carrying candles and cracking each other up. Here's a picture of them on our wedding day, Eric on the left, Randy with the beer and the ohmygodohmygodohmygod face.

Eric's most recent career, post-stand-up-comedy, had been the Branding and Creative Director for a marking firm in Bangkok and Tokyo. He was in Phnom Penh last week to help preside over the launch of a new mobile service from a Cambodian telecommunications company when he died suddenly.

I didn't know that naming products was an actual career before I met Eric. I always described him as the man who was responsible for Pert Plus and the Savana minivan (get it? sa-VAN-a? Spacious as the African savanna? Clever, eh?) But Eric was so much more.

Gentle with friends, but wickedly funny too. Bigger than life. Big-hearted. As our wedding present, Eric planned a big surprise during the party the night before. He made a wooden rectangular frame on wheels, filled it with wet cement, then passed out dozens of disposable flash cameras to the crowd. Randy and I knelt on red velvet cushions and made our handprints in the cement as the cameras flashed, just like stars at Grauman's Chinese Theater. If you know how much I love old Hollywood (and showing off), you'll get an idea how happy this moment was.

Memorials are being planned in Lincoln and San Francisco.

Later. The San Francisco memorial and celebration will be Saturday, March 7, from 1-4 at the Uptown Bar, 200 Capp Street, one of Eric's favorite hangouts.

A comedy roast will take place at Bangkomedy, Saturday, March 7 at 8:00, Aura Rooftop Bar and Restaurant, 3rd floor, Bangkok.

You can see Randy's tribute video here.

Condolences for the family can be left at


manateebeast said...

I knew Eric in San Francisco, we were in a sketch comedy troupe together. He was a great guy. This is so sad, words fail me.

suesun said...

so great to see a picture of you! That one of you guys putting your hands in the cement is classic.

Sorry for your loss..... friends who can give us gifts like that are rare indeed.

2KoP said...

My condolences on your sudden and great loss. His hand print idea was priceless and I may need to continue this brilliant tradition at future events.

Nicholas said...

My God, I was just trying to get in contact with Eric because of all the unrest in Bangkok and I came across this blog. I can't believe it! I worked with Eric at Interbrand in the 90's and we remained friends ever since. I always thought I'd go out and visit him in Bangkok one day. I can't believe he's gone. One of the nicest, and I mean nicest, guys you could ever know. I am at a loss for words..... wow!