Sunday, February 8, 2009

Big Monkey

Here's a picture Mia brought home from school last week. The crowded mise en scene is pretty typical of her oeuvre - note the big-eyed unicorn with a heart tattoo coming to the aid of the little girl in a sling and the fortress with crenallated walls.

I loved the curly-tailed monkeys at the side - Mia said they were "guards" - so I asked her to make me a drawing of a single monkey. "Okay," she replied. Later, when she was complaining about having to go to school after a busy morning, she remembered her monkey assignment and got all cheered up.

This is what she came up with. I so love it, especially the sweet bow on gorilla's head. It's kind of hard to see, but at the bottom right is a dachshund in a striped sweater, about to enjoy her bow-wrapped bone.


2KoP said...

I just nominated you blog for the Scholastic 2009 Mommy Blogger Awards. Be sure to vote for yourself starting February 23. Go here for more info.

Cindy Fey said...

Thanks, Susan!!!

Kristen said...

To New York Mia must go! A true artiste! Fabulously wonderful. :)

suesun said...

And what about the things on her shoulders? Some sort of monkey angel and devil, trying to convince her of what to do/not to do to the dachsund?

love it!!!!