Monday, February 23, 2009

Bath Remodel

We started this project the week of Thanksgiving, back when I naively thought we would be finished by the new year. The major construction work, gutting three rooms and putting them all back together, is complete, but the tiny details that are left, knobs, faceplates, towel rods, curtains, and on and on, are tough to be patient about. Here's the girls' bath, with the recycled clawfoot found by our contractor on Craigslist from a family right here in Wilmette.

The girls' countertop and knob choices. Their sink goes in tomorrow.


2KoP said...

Loverly. Not that you asked, but while I love the butterfly knobs, all those detailed crevices seem like they would attract toothpaste and other bathroom messes and be a little tough to clean. But then again, I have just one girl and three boys, so maybe things are different in your house.

Cindy Fey said...

I ordered the bubbly green ones. Mia cried because she wanted the butterflies. We compromised on the purple and green when I explained the circus animals on the shower curtain would scare away the butterflies.