Friday, January 23, 2009


"Aunt Sally is my favorite person in the whole world," says Mia and knowing exactly where the sentiment comes from, I only tease her gently, asking if Daddy, her former First Love, knows.

Sally and Erik were our hosts last weekend in Saugatuck. Remembering the fun and beauty and laughs and ease of it all makes me sigh. Because once again, as every time when I've walked into their home, I'm amazed by the order, in the most serene sense of the word, and the beauty of clear surfaces and witty pretty ornament. Every corner is a still life which I would gladly share with you had I bought a new battery for my old battered camera that hung out in my pocket all weekend, hoping energy would materialize. Too bad, the pictures will all have to remain as memory and the energy is all mine after three days of smiling at happy girls, playing in the fluffy lake effect snow, eating bowls of delicious soups (who knew lentil and lemon could go so well together!) and rice porridge swirled with the English lady neighbor's sweet tart raspberry jam and talking relaxed and interesting grown-up talk late in the night.

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