Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy New Year!

I'm LOVING all the things I can do when I'm not writing, like keeping up with the laundry and giving the girls my full attention and making a little birthday party for Eleanor's fourth yesterday. She came into the bedroom first thing, before we had opened the curtains and asked in the dark, "Is today my..." forgetting the word for a moment. "Yes!" the three of us chimed, Mia having climbed in some unknown time earlier. Then we sang to her and hugged and kissed her even though the actual technical anniversary was around noon, almost to the minute of her older sister's arrival.

The new year's resolutions are to pull back the shoulders, pull in the gut and work the smile muscles. They really do help, as will the 30 minutes of walking I've been doing most days, loving the endorphins. Everything else, house, book, family, will fall into place, I have great hope and confidence. The endorphins again. And the November imagery that has gotten me through so much, let me tell you. Cause the firework arcs to all we desire are within our grasp. And everything we need is right in front of us.

Even though I linked to it in my last post, "American Tune" bears looking at again, even with Dick Cavett's dithering at the end. I listened again today and the song is so much about our America right now, I cried.

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