Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy Birthday, My Big Girl!

This is Randy's cake from last week, but you get the picture. Just picture less Spidey, more princess. Much much more princess.

Mia's birthday (I write of my party planning here at Chicago Moms Blog) turned out to be a wonderful couple of hours (despite Mom and Dad nearly biting our heads off as the clock ticked down to go time.)

The children loved the water, and splashed, slid and swarmed Randy until their lips were purple and their bodies racked with shivers. Then we hit the party room where three camp counselor-type assistants provided by the Glenview park district had already set up the tables, the food, the balloons, the Bozo Buckets, and the tape-the-tail-on-the-donkey. Sweet! I had no idea how much there was to do until I didn't have to do it. They manned the boom box, hung up the six 8 X 10s of Mia through the ages and knew all kind of party insider stuff like remembering the lighter and reminding the children to keep their hands at their sides when looking at the cake.

Nora had pink and green icing on her finger, then I turned around and she had more on her nose. Her innocent, blinking face. "What?"

So good to see our friends. Randy and I kissed and made up. Mia was tuckered, but happy. And Nora, while Mia opened her presents, sat in a little chair, her hands in her lap and watched, curious and content. Just happy for her sister. "Oh look, Mia!"

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