Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Anniversary Dear Husband

Eight's been great. Thanks for the laughs, the love, the patience, the listening, the dances. Thanks for our beautiful girls. I love the amazing places we've been together - and not just the ones we reached by car and plane and inflatable raft. Let's do another eight. And another and another. I am one lucky so and so, mo fo.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary, my lovely Wifey!

p.s. What were you doing up a 5:34 a.m.?

Jordan said...

Happy anniversary! (Cute picture, by the way!)

Michelle said...

Hey Happy Anniversary!! I remember that night at "my" Ballroom!!! Congrats!!

Carol said...

Happy anniversary! Not even sure how I found you (link to link to link, of course), but glad I did!