Friday, February 1, 2008

Project Bookshelf

"Who has the biggest teeth?" asked Mia at bedtime. So she and Daddy set out on a little World Wide Interweb research. Surprise - it's not the shark.

Behind Randy you can see our brand spanking new built-ins, completed today, just begging for their load of books. I'm so excited. I can't wait to dive into the boxes that have been waiting patiently in the basement since we moved in, what! Yes, four years ago. And finally give the dusty and patient pages a home.

Like me, Sue Spengler loves other people's bookshelves. So much more revealing (and less ooky) than the medicine cabinet or fridge, bookshelves can start conversations, spark requests and opinions, deepen friendships. Sue is collecting pictures of bookshelves at Expose Yourshelf. Check it out! Send her a shot of your own favorite shelf!

I so loved taking the picture that I sent in. What a pleasure to connect again with those beloved objects, like looking through a photo album of old friends. Brilliant, funny, charming friends.


suesun said...

Thanks for that great photo. I'm learning (re-learning, I should say) that it's all about the process. What happens through the process of sharing a photo like this is so much larger than than the site itself. Thanks for being a part of it.

So-who does have the biggest teeth?

And enjoy filling up those shelves!

Kristen said...

Bookshelf porn.... ahh.... I'm in heaven. :) Hope you're enjoying them.

suesun said...

Also-I just posted a comment on Expose Yourshelf about your shelf!

Cindy Fey said...

The ELEPHANT has the biggest teeth! Turns out the tusks are extensions of their incisors. I was trying to turn this tidbit into a review of Water for Elephants but (shhhhhh) I'm not liking the book! It has some cute bits of circus lore and Sara Gruen creates some charmingly human-like characters out of her animals (she credits Yann Martel as an influence) and I do want to support Illinois writers and maybe I'm just easily distracted these days but I can't keep the characters straight and I don't understand why they are doing the things they do! You may have a different reaction - this book seems to be well loved.