Sunday, January 27, 2008

Looking Back, Looking Forward.

Happy Birthday to me, I am forty-three, which is a number that begs to be yodeled, with my lower jaw pulled back, "FOOOOOOOOOOORRTY-THREE!"

It was an amazing year for our family. Mia started Montessori, Eleanor grew from a toddling two year old to a thrilling three, I wrote every day and Randy worked his butt off. We went to Mexico, spent a wonderful stress-free visit with the in-laws at Fox Lake, (a feat in itself), and well, here's some snapshots.

Walking on frozen Fox Lake. Everything is blue and white. The drifts resemble craters on the moon.

A chipmunk (or two) came to live in our house, scratching in the vents, leisurely jogging from the fireplace to under the stove. We caught him three times (or was it three different ones?) ALVIN!

Cicadas invaded Wilmette. We shreiked when we realized the backyard grass was full of them, like the opening scene in Blue Velvet. They looked horrifying when they hatched, soft and white with red eyes. But we grew fond of the harmless things offering up their husks for hands-on science lessons. We missed them and their swishing calls when they all died off after a few weeks.

My Mother's Day gift was a fastigated beech for the back corner of the garden. Her smooth silver trunk and turning branches are beautiful, even in winter.

Mia dances on Playa Los Cerritos, south of Todos Santos on the Baja Peninsula in Mexico. Brent and Serena look on.

Mia started ballet. Here she is fitted for her first pair of slippers. I tear up every single time I watch her class practice their tiny hops and skips. It's so pretty and they try so hard. Her first dance recital is in the spring. I hope I can keep it together.

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