Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Nora, Again, in the Far Reaches of Two

Since I've been feeling bad about maligning my baby girl a couple of posts ago, here are some Nora dispatches from the ether of abundance and love that fills our family universe. Mommy does fall into black holes sometimes, but really, our sky is filled with stars. Feel free to hum "These Foolish Things."

"Look at me!" she says when she's clomping around in Daddy's snow boots.

She holds her nose when she's pooping.

The way she fell asleep in my arms during the last act of Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. The way that movie wasn't as really truly bad as all the negative reviews would have me believe. Yes, there is some sad product placement and a confused, wonderless ending, but I did like Dustin Hoffman's little truisms about seizing the day and such. And the creepy little boy character who did nothing child-like in the entire film only made me appreciate my own real girls more.

Her butt dance, when she just sticks it out and shakes.

Her chirping tree-frog voice and her warm sweet smell, like a tiny tropical marsupial raised on vanilla bean pods.

Her singing along with The Polyphonic Spree's: "Follow the day and reach for the sun!" as we drive to pick up sister at school. (Witness our singing butterfly with the will of iron here.)

Her insistence for her upcoming three year birthday party as a "Dora the Explorer in Space Costume Party." With elephants.

In The Car
Nora: I like cupcakes!
Mia: Me too!
Me: Me three.
Mia: Me four! Me five! Me eight!
Nora: Me twelve!
Mia: Me 43!
Me: Me a thousand!
Mia: Me a million!
Me: Wow, Mia that's a huge number!
Nora: Me apple.
Me: Me watermelon!
Mia: Me fish!
Me: Ha ha ha!
Mia: Me house. Me door. Me computer.
Nora: Me pee pee!
Mia: Me poo poo!
Nora: Me fart!
Me: Oh, I knew we were going in this direction. Girls, those are words are for the bathroom only!
Mia: Me in the bathroom!
Nora: Me in the car!
Me: Me driving.

Her taking off her shoes and socks every frickin' time she gets strapped in her car seat, no matter the temperature outside or how late we are. Oh wait, this one belongs on the Imp list.

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