Thursday, June 21, 2007

Throwback Thursday

1969. North Avenue Beach, Chicago. Summer of Love. You can see the bridge over Lake Shore Drive in the background.

From left to right, here is my cousin Jeanne from Kansas City, my brother Ron, and my little cousin Cort who was visiting from New Mexico. Cort works for Microsoft now, and has a little baby of his own named Liberty. Then there's me in front, my little sister Nancy in the matching suit and my cousin Jan, Jeanne's sister. I don't know what teenage resentment had Jan glaring at the camera; the subtle injustices inflicted on teens are invisible to young children. Behind Jan is our Aunt Susan, Cort's mom. Aunt Susan took care of the four of us (my brother Christopher is not in the picture) that summer until we moved to Kansas City to live with Jeanne and Jan and their folks.

It looks like we grabbed all the pots and tubs and teacups from the kitchen to play with.

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