Friday, July 26, 2013


This began as a garden post about the new dahlias and the tiny Hens and Chicks that dear Christina brought for the fairy garden and the cascading purple perennial geranium and the volunteer tomato plants that are just popping up like weeds and...

...the ripe cherries! But then I just had to tell you about the resulting cobbler and tiny hand pies that Martha Stewart's Living had the audacity to call "simple and rewarding to put together, even if you consider yourself all thumbs in the baking department." Rewarding yes, but simple, no way.

Anyway, the post starting taking on a life of its own because then I have to show you the new cute decals in Nora's room...

 ...that matched her new pink ceiling and new curtains and new little pink detailing in the woodwork...And while we're talking decorating...

...don't you love these local pride pillows I found at the new Paramour Bungalow shop (next to Hewn) on Dempster in Evanston? 60091, Represent!

This pic says so much about our summer - hours lounging on the couch watching classic kids' flicks while the guinea pig nibbles strawberry tops. This month Randy has introduced the girls to the originals of Herbie the Love Bug (rave reviews), Godzilla (surprisingly melancholy!) and King Kong ("awesome!" said Nora) and a fest of circa 1925 Buster Keaton films (jaw-dropping stunts and even more jaw-dropping racist "jokes.")

The girls' Grandpa Bob, Aunt Rebecca, Uncle Dave and their kids came for the Fourth of July.

Rebeccca and I kayaking at sunset on Fox Lake.

Cousins at the Celebrate Fox Lake parade.

S'mores next to the lake before fireworks.

This photo is about the importance of punctuation. Delicious, but least enthusiastic cake ever.

One of our favorite summer traditions - picnicking at Dog 'N Suds drive in.

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Wendy Parris said...

Love this, Cindy! Wonderful photos...