Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things

Udupi Palace makes both vegetarians and the gluten-averse very happy! (Pretty hand to show the scale of enormous lentil-rice crepe)

My birthday today and so far, forty-eight is great! A long wonderful dinner with Christina last night, who surprised me with a story collection by Anthony Doerr and some sweet-smelling Etsy soap; another surprise at Virginia's, whose chocolate cake with butter icing made us swoon and whose candy-fetching cat made us laugh. We talked long and hard about Bergman and Michael Mann movies, about why people choose the work they do, about the limits and myths of psychotherapy and the weird power of the mind-body connection.

Today I woke to tiny hand drawn cards tucked into my bedroom door, got treated to some extra sleep and second breakfast in bed, more funny cards, flowers and warm wishes on Facebook. Time for a workout and some scribbling, a train ride down to the One Million Moms for Gun Control Peace Rally and dinner with Randy, followed by The Book of Mormon will round out a gorgeous day! Very grateful.

Here are some gifts for you, dear Readers, some of my favorite things to celebrate with me!

I loved this show!

Salt of the earth Boston carpenters helping build the new Partners in Health-funded hospital in Mirebalais, Haiti.

Dear husband on Corporate Wig Day at Optimus.

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Gretchen said...

Happy Birthday! I LOVE that Zoom clip! I experienced my 15 minutes of fame, when my friend Sue & I figured out how to do that arm thing that Bernadette did...Have fun today!