Friday, November 9, 2012

So Much For Which To Be Grateful

For my dear girls who break and heal the heart simultaneously.

For dear, dear Randy, who lets me drive him as crazy as he does me, then reaches for my hand and squeezes it before we even open our eyes in the morning to let me know we are going to be okay.

For dear Aunt Ruth, who, at eighty-eight, with macular degeneration and shifty hearing, still rallies in her red state to place her vote for good. And for her dear daughter Jeanne, who takes her to the polls, makes her laugh, keeps Ruth company and keeps Ruth independent.

For this lovely community where friends and friendly neighbors are steps away.

For our crossing guard, Tom, who takes his job of getting us across busy Lake Street as seriously as it deserves.

For dear friends gathering for the upcoming feast.

For my Kindle, a gift from Randy, which is saving me shipping and shelf space.

For our little Brownie troop, full of sass and cuteness, eager to pick up trash and do good deeds, sing silly songs and act out the Girl Scout laws of fairness and honesty, kindness and strength. And for a wise and funny partner to help me wrangle them.

For the good sense, faith and courage of this country that reelected our hardworking and sensible President. I say with great love, we deserve him.

For the patience of my friends and family as I fall apart in this dark season and try again every morning to pick up the jagged pieces and put them back together again.

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