Monday, August 6, 2012

Cali, Day 2

A beautiful moment when the fog lifts. The snatch of blue sky behind shreds of morning grey turns from promise into the endless sunshine of a southern California day.

Woke early early, time change early and ran barefoot on Laguna Beach, a fleet light-breathed run, feeling very alive. Sea foam at my feet as soft as cool cream. Feeling a dear connection to another beach on the same ocean eight hundred miles south. Feeling ready to forgive a dear spouse's drunken anger last night because my desire to sleep butted up against his need to witness Curiosity. The easy forgiveness spurred by a dinner last night in a place called The Top Of The World where the view is forever and the amiable party included divorced couples and their new partners, their children, friends, hors d'oeuvres-stealing dogs and a general air of good will, grace and gratitude. Bygones were bygones and let it be so the rest of this trip via our small Camry and its annoyingly user unfriendly GPS.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy,

This is Ronald. I like the running part! Way to go! Look for some Job Ads out there for me for an oil and gas job! I'm ready to go.

Here are some free movie ideas for you and Randy. I did these just now, and I really have to spend some time myself, more productively.

Anyway, best of luck! If you can catch a fishing tour out of Morrow Bay / Avila Beach, I think you can catch and bring back quite a bit of good fresh seafood!

Here's your industry stuff -

I'm merely writing this message of FREE MOVIE IDEAS for free use if desired.

These seem to address social circumstances as many films do, and thus, hopefully some societal benefit perhaps would accrue through their use in the entertainment arena. I've thought a little about making a hobby film, but am not an entertainment industry professional, or personage. By the way, some of these might make useful sub-themes in larger works.

Risks: Acceptability to the public and governments and so forth - in terms of some subject matter being too close to real-world Gods & Countries. This issue is more your industry's field, than mine.

Here they are, in no particular order ( I was bascially awoken this morning with these ideas and jotted them down ) -

1. Free Concept: Warren Miller Ski Film type productions about mountain biking, and some other sports.

2. Free Concept: This I actually saw and know exists at the Derailler Bke Collective in Denver: A super talented nice-girl bicycle tech :-), helping desperately poor and needy minorities and alterative persons :-) , while herself suffering significant employment discrimination and thus being career-opportunity-challenged :-(.

3. Free Concept: This is a societal cause and effect concept - The root cause of discrimination being seen within the dimension of "Courtesy". With courtesy, seemingly such a free, available, welcome, common and valued trait, and this very small thing changing the course of: Housing, Employment, Opportunity, Income - Drastic changes to livelihood and habitation conditions can occur. The idea is to present this in the minority social tension context, but it applies to other areas as well.

4. Free Concept: This stems from a musing about the "Root of All Evil" which is classically said to be money. I asked a poor young fellow once about his take on that and he thought the saying sounded about right, since his spending money on vices, did seem to be his particular problem. Nevertheless, in a larger sense, that same rationale would imply that perhaps strong motivation was a culprit, not merely the medium-of-barter (a reference to the term "horse" here, is something that I heard recently, during an unrelated discussion). Anyway, this idea of strong-motivation, or motivation in general being, like money, able to be put to good or bad use, seems a fertile topic for dramatic exploration.

Furthermore, like #3 above, this can be presented as a societal cause and effect concept - A root cause of progress-and-success (not discrimination, here) being seen within the


Anonymous said...


dimension of "Motivation". With motivation again, seemingly such a free, available, welcome, common and valued trait, and this very small thing changing the course of: not only the items noted above - Housing, Employment, Opportunity & Income and their changes to livelihood and habitation, but on a pragmatic level, changing individuals, communities and nations economically, through the fire of ehuberant enthusiasm, which is somewhat different that effect of fairness and permissiveness that courtesy-success invovles. Again, this idea could be presented in a minority social tension context, but it applies to other areas as well.

5. Free Concept: This is a grandiose topic, even moreso than #4, and implicates issues such as what is really happening within:
the battle of the sexes
contention between rich vs. poor
the labor question
racial and class discrimination
Here it is:

6. Free Concept: This is merely an observation from watching the original True Grit recently, that the band of outlaws chased by John Wayne, were largely somewhat crazy criminals, and Rooster Cogburn himself plays a one-eyed, frequently-drunk character. Thus, what is presented is a battle between somewhat drunk, crazy, disabled persons. The bus system here is called the NFRMPO (infirm-poor) transit system, and it drives by the "Allnut" funeral home in Loveland, CO. Is this what is being established - that is, such an architecture of nutty, marginalized citizens fighting? Perhaps this can be seen as a manifestation of the Gospel's description of the Lord's treating the Good with Good and the Tretcherous with Treatchery, somehow. Again, a possible area for dramatic exploration.

7. Free Concept: I noticed this one at the heath club weight room yesterday, where some small, handicapped nice very old ladies were speaking somewhat "rudely". I was somewhat embarrassed of-them or, of-myself, at taking any offense perhaps, or perhaps was embarrassed for-them.

In any event, I thought an error that I had probably made in the past, was equating the proportion of my "offense taken" with the level of the stimuli, when, quite possibly, a much better idea would be to notice the apparent difficulty these persons were having, and consider and "inversely proportional" perspective. One that involved more "no offense taken". Could this be why sometimes lifeguards-saving-swimmer are injured by the seriously-distressed vicitm? Hmmmm. . . . I wasn't knowingly affecting the ladies, myself, by the way. The "inversely proportional" mistunderstanding presents a possible area for dramatic exploration.

8. Free Concept: This is a great big social issue - which like some of the other topics like motivation and courtesy, can be seen as a root cause of good or some notoriously bad results. This is a "viscious circle" or "viscious cycle" type of self- propagating problem ( also the cascade/avalanche or "slippery slope" terms apply here, because once the


Anonymous said...

Page 3

problem begins, it can continue or increase ). A corrollary here is: If you can fix this problem, you can fix a lot of predjudice problems. The problem is this: Where predjudice occurs, sometimes bad conduct is the response. The bad conduct response is used to justify additional predjudice, and in tern, theoretically, additional bad conduct can be provoked. etc., etc. Eventually, both sides can resort to such tactics, and a lot of bad conduct and predjudice occurs, with no end in sight, only "more heat than light-of-reason". Full free use, if desired, applies to all these concepts.

9. Free Concept: This is an observation that is somewhat thought provoking / mind boggling - that typically, during early elementary school, students are introduced to grammar and word-constuction, with prefixes, suffixes, adjectives, adverbs, and so forth. This premise, that the common knowledge of the citizen includes such understanding, is sort-of challenged by examples of idiotic, ignorant personnel/business management in certain cases. For example, "He is doing this to get some work out of the lazy "_insert-generic-minority-reference-here_" , but no, we don't know what the word "constitutional" means.

10. Free Concept: This is another fertile juxtaposition where on one hand, the perhaps nutty-buddy is implying how profoundly important it is, to use a certain dialect, or dialog, or identity, for a given situation. And on the other hand, the other parties involved, are discerning "How mistaken one can be, so sure their priorities are in the right order". The nice, courteous and wise rationale of the "other parties" here, reminds me a bit, of the Rudyard Kiplling, "Just So Stories" - a children's style storybook, where he understatedly implies his intellect has been illuminated tremendously as a result of courteous expereinces with some polite peoples of the Far East, and Africa.

11. Free Concept: This matter is, that there are quite a few subjects where: "they don't teach that in school". There are a number of areas where this is evident, which thus, raises the question, "Where would one obtain such a lesson?" The lesson being a "How things go lesson" or an "Anthropology lesson", or a "Jusitce lesson" or a "Advantage lesson", etc., etc. In real life, individuals learn from many sources, including books, movies, television, assemblies/religions, etc., etc., etc.

This exposure to "bodies of literature" or "bodies of knowledge" is one thing and fairly comprehensive with some exceptions. However, much different would be substantially resorting to "Lessons from the Liquor Store", or the questionable-allegience, substance-abuse-counselling. This liquor catagory is also moderately comprehensive and does not include some important crimial-vice exceptions. This is an observation that might deserve, in and of itself, some social "taking notice of".

12. Free Concept: This matter is, that there seems to be, a signifcant possibility of having great people resources "wasted", as a result of a cheap trade-off for some "feelings" or rather, some "psychic income". This in general, seems consistent with a decline in importance/emphasis upon American contractual law principles, of requring agreement and consent prior to deal making, instead of "might have to", "go ahead and do that" and tender a consolation prize later.


Anonymous said...

Page 4

13. Free Concept: This matter is, that there is apparently a new global gambling center located in Macau, previously run by Portugal, and close to Hong Kong. According to an Economist article of a few years ago, this is attracting quite of bit of lucrative world tourism revenue. Seems like a film could be made there, or about that.

14. Free Concept: This matter is, that there is a Budweiser liquor store banner from a few years ago, that reads, something to the effect of, "The Last (or Only) American Owned Major Brewery". As you probably know, the Budweiser corporation has since been sold to a global brewing giant, "InBev" of Belgium.
Coors is owned by Miller SAB, I believe, and which SAB stands for South African Brewing - the country where Miller and Coors owners are now located. Notably, a heard some rowdy dude on the radio a few years ago, about one year prior to the Bud acquisition, say that they were going to have to take over Budweiser because of the radio-misconduct - and I sort-of thought what he said was ridiculous, because he himself seemed like the person who was doing the misconduct that he was blaming Bud for. Seems like a film could be made about that sort of thing - perhaps you-all could not leave out Fort Collins here, by the way, with a great number of small and large breweries ! ! ! ! :-)

15. Free Concept: This is a mega-money issue that I haven't checked into myself, primarily because I too busy with some other ideas ususally. Anyway it would also take a little cleverness and effort to look into. However, it is MEGA BUCKS important. The matter is this "Yes or No, has the industry and/or legal commnuty overlooked a vitally important issue" - probably not, but there is a finite REAL POSSIBILITY. Regardless, the issue might still make a good movie which pretends that the issue exists, and is discovered by the characters, etc. The matter is the crisis of the pharmaceutical industry, at present, which is the expiration of their MegaValuable proprietary medicine formulations, as opposed to cheap generic drugs. The angle here is: Has the industry overlooked an easy way to prevent such costly-company-destroying-patent-expiration, by simply filing an improved patent, or else reverse-engineering a later patent improvement so that the patent could be extended? ? ? This might be an interesting feature film, and in reality, might actually save some huge pharma corps from financial ruin or takeover.

16. Free Concept: This is basically an observation that, even though Form is improper, some valuable Subtance might be present (Form & Substance) . Here, many, many are "consumed" or obsessed with:
"boooo - not good enough, . . .such and such" or similarly,
"boooo - even better than that, . . .such and such"
Suprisingly enough, what the deal in real life seems to be, is that despite too much boo'ing and/or rudeness, on occasion one can benefit by paying heed to what the expressed concern is.

Side Note: Perhaps this is an example of getting psychologically "stuck" on a topic, regarding the boo-obsession, "even better than . . ". Many, many other similar topics


Anonymous said...

Page 5

seem to exist as well. I humorously call them " -itis " as in "even-better-than-itis" ( -itis is a medical suffix meaning inflammation ). Other examples include:
etc., etc.

An interesting film might be conceptualized where the both the lunacy and merit of such views are portrayed. Notably, where a certain saturation-of-persons (numerically), or grass roots movement supports an idea, "making-more" of an issue can occur. Not meaning to be heretical, possibly this phenonmon is similar to the topic of the 'ol saying: The spirit of Christmas in the heart, puts the spirit of Christmas in the air.

17. Free Concept: This was inspired by my recollection of a story about the Civil War that I heard, suggesting a major cause of, or element of the instigation of, the war was the book "Uncle Tom's Cabin" which presents the hardship and eventual death of a just, religious slave. Apparently, fervor was ignited agaist slavery, with the book. Anyway, the concept that could be created here, might be something about modern day, "Discernment of Warmongering" in a remotely similar manner using Sensationalism, Melodrama, Emotional Manipulation, Mudslinging, Muckraking, etc., etc. Where the issue is raised, "Are we really seeing that, or discerning that properly, if indeed it does occur, and what is the best logic and proportion placing that into perspective?"

18. Free Concept: This is an issue that actually does exist, irrespecitve of whose fault starting it all was. This doesn't happen all the time, but enough to be noticeable - That is, if a person innocently tries to speak with some environmentist advocates about issues - it appears that the advocates are angry and slightly crazy. On the other hand, if a person tries to speak with certain corporation representatives, about environmental issues, it also can appear that the person is angry and not willing to give an inch. The question arises: Crazy, mean, environmentalists? ? ? Since when did those sprout up? ? ? That all doesn't seem too much like helping the environment. Development of an associated concept, might be an interesting feature film, and in reality, might actually operate to benefit many.

19. Free Concept: Quickly, this is similar to #9, but alludes to the substitute of force, dark-empire / dark-ages, etc., and "lower brain functions" (ex. flee or fight) in exchange for courtesy/civility/modern management methods - associated pun beer brand "Lowenbrau" (low-brow) ? ?

20. Free Concept: Quickly, "What do you, the city/country/suburbs dweller need to really succeed?"

21. Free Concept: Quickly, Portrayal of "Freedom of Thought" in comparison and proportion with various
industries and occupations,
geographic location, etc., etc.


Anonymous said...

Page 6

22. Free Concept: In the 1962 Movie HUD, with Paul Newnam, a character listens to "Bobby Don Brewer's" radio show. In the Midwest, there is a gas-convenience-store chain called Moto-mart / Thonton's which functions also as a busy liquor store chain. "Don't worry about the crazy radio show, that is for recidivists" - is something that I have heard. A confederate (south US) flag in-and-out of jail population of aging adolescents - is something that I have heard described. A goofy radio story about some ridiculous international terrorism that the drunk drivers should be locally on the lookout for - is something that I have heard. This sort-of all combines itself into the issue: What is the effect of Don Billy Bob Thornton Brewer's Moto Mart Liquor Terrorist Radio Show for Confederate Army Recidivists on the MidWest Economy? Could this be the DJ talking himself into sadness and a reason necessitating a relapse into substance abuse? Related observation - "This doesn't look like TV commercial land, where did they hide the Tech Center?"

23. Free Concept: This might be interesting: Compare the appeal of the promise of fine civility and respect as a lawyer, with a work-a-day "reality or planet" (meaning not necessarily everyone's real world) of "Does law and order apply to anybody, with exposure to cutures associated with Ill-a-Terry, Trucker-Terry-ans, "Death to the so-and-so", "Off with their heads", Rape/Rafe Fines/Fiennes etc., etc., etc." Hmmmm . . . curious.

Best of Luck,

Thank you.