Friday, October 28, 2011


Happy Halloween! Look what I made! I'm not crafty in any way and actually, my work here was more assembling than creating but look! Look how cute the little owl is and how spooky-pretty are the black and purple paper chrysanthemums! I curled each one of those petals and let me tell you, that's 72 of those suckers per flower. Randy was calling me Sisyphus near the end, but I found the whole mindless curling process relaxing. Hold the blade of a scissors against the paper petal with your thumb, secure the center of the blossom with your other hand and pull. Instant curl! So satisfying. I also got a green square boxwood kit that uses the same technique from Paper Source - I can't wait to start on the December wreath!

And looky looky at these cute retro Halloween stickers I got from Uncle Fun!

And these. Mia helped with the styling. Don't you love them? Very Ranken-Bass, or should I say Franken-Bass? Snort!

Evil Scientist and Witchy-Poo detail.

Mother Nature is hard at work making her autumn decorations too.

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