Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy Fifteenth Anniversary, Optimus!

NSFWUYEAO (Not safe for work unless you're employed at a cool post-production company.)

So....this is how my husband's company celebrates its fifteenth year.

And the big reveal - A hooked rug depicting the five partners as, well, I'm not quite sure. Greek gods? Roman senators? Philosophers? Fallen angels? And Craig Leffel as a cupid/cherub/baby Jesus? Make of it what you will. But obviously a labor of love.

Clockwise from the baby, Craig, Scott Yurks, Glen Noren, Tom Duff and my dear Randy.

Rock on, Optimites! Keep on Truckin'!

Block Party Friday night! Come on by! 161 E. Grand Avenue, Chicago. 2:30 to ?

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