Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Fireflies" by Mia, 8

It was a hot summer night when I yelled "DAD'S HOME!!!"

We rushed out the door to meet him.

We gave him a giant hug.

"Fireflies!" I said.

We ran inside to get some jars.

Then we ran out the door.

"I caught one!" I was so happy.

"I caught two!" said Nora.

I looked at Nora. She did not lie.

I wept. My dad came to me and said, "What happened?"

"Nora caught more than me!" I wept. "And she's littler." Nora: I caught three. No, four. No, five. No, six!

Nora looked at me. I looked at Nora.

"Want to twade?" Nora said. So we did.


gillian said...

Of course she's a writer's daughter. "I wept."

Love it :).

Kim Moldofsky said...

Seriously? That is amazing. Runs in the family, I guess.